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Whether you believe in the Old Gods or the New Gods, get praising because American Gods season two has officially begun production.

Hollyoaks-turned-Hollywood star Ricky Whittle shared a photo of his “squad” on social media, and seems pretty darn excited to be back at work on the Neil Gaiman adaptation.

AMERICAN GODS season 2 begins work, so blessed I get to work with this incredible family and we can’t wait for you to join us,” he wrote on Twitter, adding: “#believe #wariscoming #wowwhatafirstepisode americangods #season2.

The road to season two has been a bumpy one. Back in January, Starz CEO Chris Albrecht admitted he’d had “trouble” pulling the second season together following some big name departures.

First we had the departure of showrunner Bryan Fuller (who has been replaced by Lost writer Jesse Alexander) and then actress Gillian Anderson quit her role as the God of Media.

Cleverly, the writers have cast a new, younger actress and decided to reboot the character as New Media, a commentary on our fast-moving social media culture.

Another change season two will make is having more episodes focusing on individual characters, following on from standout episode ‘A Prayer for Mad Sweeney’.

We don’t know when American Gods will return, but you can watch all of season one via Amazon Prime in the UK, while Starz airs the show in the US.

Source: digitalspy.com

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